Is Luck the Only Key to Making the Most of Video Slot Gaming?

When playing with real-money video slots whether online or offline and under any circumstance, is it possible to manipulate luck to a player’s advantage? While many believe that luck manipulation is possible by controlling random decisions with inputs, seasoned slot players do not harbor similar beliefs. Based on their experience, the only way to beat random outcomes is to quit while one is ahead, instead of wearing out and pushing one’s luck too far.

Another sound advice is for online gamblers to carefully choose the gambling website in which to play, if they want to have fair opportunities of winning in online casino games or sports betting games. All online casinos promise to give their customers the best gaming experience possible. Yet if you’re playing on a website that does not load quickly and requires buffering, while offering only a limited selection of real-money gaming choices, it would be to your advantage to play elsewhere.

This is especially true if you are playing in a Thailand developed online gaming platform. As it is, not all can be considered as desktop-friendly since gambling is strictly prohibited in the country; except buying lottery tickets and horse race betting. The Thai government has in fact ordered all Internet service providers to block access to gambling sites that offer online casino products and sports betting services to local Internet users.

Ironic as it may seem, one of the leading developers of real money slot games in the international igaming industry is Pocket Games a.k.a. PG Games, a popular Thailand animation games developer. This local company also offers a broad selection of pg soft slot games through PGGames 168, a เว็บตรงจากค่าย pgslot games (direct website of pgslot games.)

Actually, the game selections are broad and varied from video slots, to poker and other traditional casino table games, as well as sports games. Although the younger set of customers prefer to play at PGGames 168 using a mobile app, older players find the desktop version just as user-friendly as the mobile version.

Is Luck Manipulation Possible with PG Soft Slot Games?

What makes PG slot games unique is that even if it’s not possible for a player to manipulate his or her luck, the gaming experience and outcomes are customized according to a customer’s playing history.

PG Games’ proprietary RTAS™ system, created especially for PG soft slot games, uses AI to tailor fit a customer’s gaming experience. RTAS™, which stands for Real Time AI Suggestions, presents players with online gambling choices that are similar to the previous games from which they derived optimum satisfaction. It works like a built-in personal assistant that also looks for games with autospin or auto bet features. That is, if the RTAS™ system learned that those features helped the customer receive greater rewards.

Still, the RTAS™ system does not interfere with the results of the PG soft games as the outcomes are produced by a random numbers generator (RNG).