888 Web Today was founded by Randy Bridges, a resident of Springfield, Missouri. He created this website for the purpose of answering one of the many questions regarding gambling, and that is what superstitions really have to do with gambling.

Although most of our topics involve the connection of 888 to gamblers nowadays, we also provide information on other good luck charms like the number 888.

Risk Intelligence

Risk intelligence is what they refer to a concept that is “beyond risk management”. It is often incorporated into gambling as risk plays a major role in gambling. One way to go beyond the risks that gamblers often face is superstitions. For more information about this subject, feel free to visit our page dedicated to it.

Why Gambling?

Gambling involves a lot of risks, and the majority of its game of chance rely on luck. That’s why we incorporate superstitions and luck with gambling. You may also learn more about this in one of our pages.

Gambling Superstitions and Tips

On top of providing information on superstitions of gamblers, we also bring you tips on how the psychology of a gambler works. Our content often revolves around these subjects.

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