Why Gambling?

Why, of all the types of entertainment and gaming, did gambling become the most suitable to be incorporated with superstitions?

Why Are Gamblers Superstitious?

Gambling involves risks and the majority of the games rely on chance and luck. This alone makes it reasonable to incorporate superstitions. However, these superstitions, although being a burden at some point, contribute to the success of many gamblers.

This does not have something to do with increasing your chances of winning, but it’s more on being an assurance for gamblers that they have a higher chance of winning than usual.

That’s why gamblers are superstitious and that’s just how it is. The very nature of having good luck is an essential trait that players acquire whenever they win, just like how they blame bad luck whenever they lose.

This mindset is sometimes what drives successful people to come up with strategies, thinking that they can make gambling their livelihood. This can go in two ways, one is that the gambler will be successful due to the strategies, and another will end up losing money due to expectations.

Good Luck and Bad Luck

There are many countries in the world, and each of them has their own cultures and beliefs.

For example, you’ll find that in some parts of the world, black cats are often seen as a manifestation of bad luck. However, there are some countries in the non-western countries that think of black cats as a good luck charm.

This good luck and bad luck beliefs have reached the casino realm. You’ll see slot machines that have cat designs, especially the goddess that looks like a cat. This is perhaps one of the results of the belief that cats signify luck, one way or another.

You’ll also find that the number 7 and 8 often get referred to by people as good luck charms. However, their roles differ from each culture. 7 may represent Yin and Yang in Chinese culture, but it may represent “harmony” to Confucianism.

These beliefs are what drives the gambling industry. Gambling companies use these to make games more attractive to players, while gamblers rely on these to win, although they don’t do so directly.