How to Manage Bets and Bank Roll When Playing Online Slots

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Who plays online slots hopes of course for a win. And since slots always have a special payout percentage (RTP), good winnings with online slot machines are quite possible. For some games, the payout percentage is even over 96 percent. But how can you manage to earn corresponding profits? First of all, it must be said that there is no absolutely safe method to make big money profits. If that were the case, many online casinos would no longer exist. A good portion of luck is always part of clever playing. But what distinguishes professional players from players who only play online slots occasionally? These questions and how to play cleverly in online casinos are answered in this article.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management serves to use your money wisely while gambling and to minimize losses as much as possible. By the way, the term bankroll is not new, it was used earlier in poker and serves primarily to finance the game. Players who use this system do not just start playing but have a fixed plan for playing slots.

The choice of casino is very important. Some casinos have a particularly high payout percentage or very attractive bonus offers. With a bonus, you have more money available in the bankroll and more time to try out new slots. Also, as a clever player, you should only look for reputable casinos to play. To find out which online casinos these are, you can read customer opinions in advance on the Internet.

Bankroll management also includes setting a fixed limit. Again and again, it can come to losses. Many players think that if they bet even more now, they will win back the losses. This is quite possible but can backfire properly. That’s why it’s important to play in a controlled manner. When it comes to the selection of the slot, then games that you already know are suitable. You can not influence these machines, but after a certain time, for example, the free spins come. Over time you get a feeling for it, but as I said, you should not exceed your set limit. Every player who plays regularly with the aim of winning big and making little losses develops his very own bankroll management.

How high should the stake be?

The question is not unimportant if you want to achieve higher profits. Although you can play with small bets from 0.05 cents for quite a while, but in the event of a win, the slot only pays out a small winning amount. However, if you use a higher sum of 2 euros, the profits are much larger. This is especially true for jackpot slots because the big jackpot cannot be cracked with small stakes. The amount of the bet is a question of your own limit and whether you can afford to accept a possible higher loss. Either way, online slots are and will remain a game of chance.


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Pay attention to the bonus

Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus for new customers. This is usually a deposit bonus of 100 percent. This means, for example, that you deposit 100 euros and get another 100 euros as bonus money on top. Some casinos also offer cashback, so the player gets back part of his losses as a bonus. If you prefer to test a casino or slot before depositing real money, a casino bonus without a deposit is suitable. No deposit doesn’t mean the slots aren’t good, even Novoline no deposit-free spins are offered.

More Tips for Smart Online Slots Playing

Players of slots can consider the probabilities. Luck is the most important thing in the game, but probability calculation is not so unimportant. How often do free spins come? How often does a roulette machine get the color black? It is important to know that with an RTP of 96 percent you get about 96 euros back for every 100 euros. Avoiding greed is also an important tip: If you have won something on the day, then you should be happy about this money and payout. Of course, the attraction can be to win an even higher sum, but self-discipline is important when playing to avoid losses and to be happy about a win.

When playing, you should bet on free spins or so-called bonus rounds. If these are triggered randomly, the highest winnings are possible here. If it does not work out with a slot part out with winnings or free spins, then it is a piece of good advice if the machine is changed.

In conclusion, there is no 100% legal trick to win. However, you can heed this advice here to play smart and fun online slots.

Items That Can Improve Your Gambling Luck

There is no avoiding the fact that people are superstitious. Different cultures have different superstitions. Diverse people may assign different meanings to the same word. In some cultures, seeing a black cat on the street is a sign of bad luck, but in others, it’s a favorable omen. Since superstitions have been around for a long time.

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Some Items You Can Use for Gambling Luck

The following items have been found to increase gamblers’ odds the most:

Totems of Hope

All right, so you’ve learned your lesson about what to avoid doing while gambling. It’s up to you to decide if you want to trust them. The degree to which you place stock in superstitions determines how plausible they are. Still, some of these beliefs are very reasonable, and it is best to stick to those standards. 



The four-leaved clover, sometimes known as a shamrock. It is a popular gambling good luck symbol. Since the three-leaved shamrock is the universal symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, it’s no wonder that this lucky charm has deep roots in Irish culture.



Horseshoes are widely believed to be good luck charms. The superstition dates back to an old folk story in which the Devil promised to leave well enough alone. If a man attached a horseshoe to his hoof. The horseshoe, however, has two sides. Nail it in a U shape to bring prosperity to your home.