Blind Justice Columnist
Andre "Contraversa" Traversa


Brief Biography of Andre Traversa:

Andre Traversa was born on January 16, 1970, in Chicago Ill, to first-generation immigrants, an Italian father and a Ukrainian mother.

Blind from birth, Andre never attended a school for the blind, but was successfully integrated into the public school system.  He achieved sufficient academic success there to be accepted at Northwestern University, where he graduated with a degree in speech in 1992.

While in college, Andre began his transition from a progressive liberal who attended meetings of the International Socialist Organization to a staunch Christian conservative.

Feeling stifled by the "politically correct" mentality so prevalent on contemporary campuses, Andre found a home in talk-radio, which proved to be much friendlier to his ideas.

After college, Andre interned with nationally syndicated talk-show host Dick Staub, and later went on to produce and co-host a local Christian radio program in Chicago.

Currently, Andre is a columnist for

Though a conservative, Andre does not tow the party line rigidly. A free thinker, he colors outside the lines. He says he is one of the few people he knows who has a "hard head and a soft heart." Andre's goal is to make you think critically, and feel deeply. He currently resides in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge Illinois.

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