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Todays News

About WebToday...

WebToday, "Your daily conservative news alternative", is a Web-based multimedia news and information resource specializing in unreported and under-reported news and information from around the world.

Based in the Midwest United States, the WebToday staff attempts to bring the most vital information possible in the areas of news, politics, religion, and other areas vital to freedom lovers worldwide.

Our reporting is from a conservative, constitutional, Christian perspective, and often is in stark contrast to the generally liberal/anti-Christian, biased reporting of the RIM (Reality Impaired Media™). We expressly deplore racism and anti-Semitism.

We encourage readers/listeners/viewers to submit articles, letters to the editor and other feedback. We enjoy receiving link suggestions from our regular visitors, since they best know what links we may be lacking.

Unlike many "webzines" our main emphasis is not on entertainment gossip, horoscopes, or many of the other categories that might be considered "hit builders."The WebToday staff prefers quality visits, rather than just a large quantity of curiosity seekers. Our objective is to have every one who visits our site to leave a better person because of the experience.

Whether the person learns something new, or is corrected from an erroneous belief picked up from the RIM, or best yet, gets closer to Jesus Christ, we are honored.

Thank you for your interest in WebToday. Please send us your articles, link suggestions and feedback. Together, we can build a truthful, edifying instrument that enhances our temporal existence, and, by the grace of God, builds spiritual character as well.

Harold Cheetham - Managing Editor

Lawrence Joyce: Editor in Chief


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Telephone: 315-483-6860


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